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  Wheel Monitor will be promoting the Proviso Plus - Universal Suspension Controller at Truck World 2012. Come visit us at booth # 5042.
  Wheel Monitor is sponsoring the October 6th Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents Association (K-W and District) Meeting. John Mantini will be presenting details pertaining to our latest product the Proviso Plus P200M Suspension Controller for M2A (Mechanical 2 Air). The Wheel Monitor team will also be attending this meeting. Please see the following site for more details.
  Did you know that Wheel Monitor has a suspension controller that meets SPIF 4 legislation.
  Did you know our new product Balancer™ B150 is approved for the Alberta Axle Lift Device Policy?
  The trailer brake Air Tank Pressure Sensor (PN# 200519) will monitor the air brake reserve air pressure and activate a light if it is low.
  Wheel Monitor is featured in the January issue of Ontario Trucking News. Click to read the article in HTML or as a PDF.
  Wheel Monitor Inc. still offers the RM-50 Back Up light & Axle control module. Read more about the RM-50 here and the RM-60 here.
  Reverse-A-MaticTest Tool now available!!
  The Reverse-A-Matic was featured in a presentation by Grote at the Canadian Fleet Maintenance Seminar in Toronto on May 29th 2006
  John Mantini & Shannon Lawson of Wheel Monitor attended the 43rd Annual CFMS in Toronto on May 29th 2006
  Wheel Monitor is featured in the December issue of Canadian Trucking News. Click here to read the article ..
  Ontario's SPIF regulations can be viewed by clicking here
  FMCSA Regulation 393.207 10 MPH Air suspension exhaust dump valve controller to be met by the Reverse-A-Matic RM-60. The regulation can be read here
      Manac has now made the Reverse-A-Matic™ RM-50 standard on their trailers
      Wheel Monitor is co-developing a new product to meet the requirements of Central and South American customers
  Available Trailer and Dolly Identifier is interfaceable with the GPS transponders
  Electronic Axle Lift Control




The Balancer™ is an electronic liftable axle control for lifting axles when not in use. It monitors the axle load weight and lifts automatically when the trailer is empty.

It monitors how many axle are lifted and can control the lifting and lower points correctly. Easy computer setup can make the Balancer very easy to install.

Functional Overview

• Lifts and lowers axle automatically based on axle load weight
• Built-in axle load monitoring sensor
• Knows the number of axles to lift
• Indicator for loader nearing max load
• RS232/USB interface for computer set up
• Trailer axle load interface







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